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The Common Reasons That Causes Paint To Crack

If you have paint that is cracking in your home and you are wondering why, or you are wanting to paint your home and prevent cracking, then you may want to check out the common reasons that causes paint to crack.

Improper Preparation

Improper preparation can cause major damage in the paint. It is vital that you clean, sand, strip or peel any damaged paint, fill in dents and prime the surface before you begin painting.

Too Little or Too Much Paint

Did you know you could use too much paint? Using too little or too much paint can cause cracking in the beginning stages. The key is to use a thin, even layer of paint. Continue to add layers of paint until you get the perfect finish.

Low Paint Quality

Cheap paints simply aren’t as durable and won’t last nearly as long as high-quality paints. Opting for a bargain paint will have you spending more money on a refresh much sooner than you’d like due to cracking and peeling.

Not Waiting for Paint to Dry

When applying another layer of coat, you must make sure the first coat is 100% dry. If not, you risk the paint cracking

Low Adhesion

The most common reason for primer or paint to not adhere correctly to a surface are poor preparation, dirty walls, incorrect type of paint or bad weather which can cause your paint to crack.

Aging Paint

Finally, as your paint ages, it may begin to crack. This indicates the paint is at the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.


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