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6 Tips For Giving Your House A Facelift

Does your house need a facelift inside and out? Keep reading to find some great tips for giving your house a fresh new look whether it’s time to update your dream home or put it on the market and get the best bang for your buck!

1. Go Green

Adding some greenery and fresh flowers to your yard will boost your curb appeal. Don’t have the money or time for a garden? No problem, just add a couple of standing or hanging planters. Window Box planter makes a lovely accent to a window or a deck railing.

2. Lawn Love

Show your lawn some love! Just a little TLC can go a long way. Lawn care is a big part of maintaining curb appeal. Make sure you regularly mow the grass, trim the weeds and rake the leaves.

3. Mailbox Makeover

Making over your mailbox can cause instant curb appeal. A simple coat of spray paint can instantly give it a new fresh look. Adding flower pots on either side will make it look fantastic. Pairing your mailbox with seasonal items makes it the star of your yard.

4. Door Stopper

Don’t be afraid to be bold! Choose a bright color that accentuates the other colors of your house. Fire engine red would pair wonderfully with light siding. Sunshine yellow would pair splendidly with blue siding. How about artsy spirals for intricate details and designs to your front door?

5. Time for a Good Wash

You would be amazed what a good ole cleaning can do. Power washing years of dirt and grime off your siding, porch, walkway, and driveway can instantly rejuvenate your house.

6. Don’t Forget About the Inside

A fresh new interior paint job is a super inexpensive way to remodel your home. Homeowners are discovering that painting can refresh the home for a whole new living environment. It also promotes healthier air quality indoors and increases the value of their property. It’s a no brainer. At Triangle Pro Painting, we can help you with all of your interior painting needs.


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