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How Does Painting Your Home Exterior Add Value?

When looking to sell your home, anything that will help you make a little more money on the sale is always welcome. Typically, when thinking of ways to improve the value of your property, your mind will go to major upgrades like bathroom and kitchen renovations, but those projects cost a lot of money.

What you want are renovations that cost very little money to execute, compared to how much they will improve the value of your home. In this regard, KRS Management says there is no more affordable way to boost the value of a property than to repaint its exterior. Repainting your home’s exterior will improve its value without costing an arm and a leg.

How does painting your home’s exterior add value to the property?

How exterior paint impacts home value

1. It helps you make the most of visual marketing

The best kind of marketing is emotional; it targets the prospective buyer’s dreams and desires. A vital way to create that kind of marketing is to use captivating visuals. That is what a nicely-painted home does for you. It gives you the power to capture a prospect’s undivided attention and get them to click your ad for more information. By painting your property, you improve the odds of selling it fast. Even if selling your home soon does not put money into your pocket directly, it will reduce your home’s days on the market and your carrying costs.

2. Creates the perception of value

In addition to getting more buyers to look at your home, a well-painted exterior tells prospective buyers you care about the house. The quality of care the home has received is always a primary concern for home buyers. Homes that have been well-looked-after are less likely to have hidden problems or crucial issues. One way buyers determine if they should follow up on their interest in a home is to look at its maintenance history, and a well-painted exterior is a huge part of that.

3. Paint protects the exterior surfaces of the home

Paint is your exterior walls’ first line of defense against the elements. There is a long list of things exterior paint can protect the surfaces of your home from, such as moisture infiltration, mold, rot, dust, grime, insects, and more. Exterior paint will protect the appearance of your siding, as well as prolong its life. Beyond this, the process of painting the home’s exterior can help you deal with existing issues. That’s because surface imperfections are often uncovered and fixed before repainting the surface.

What to think of when painting your home’s exterior

According to a HomeLight, the average ROI you can expect from repainting your home’s exterior is 51%. For instance, if you spend $2,803 to repaint the outside, you can expect the project to add $4,228 to your home’s value. Compared to how much it will cost you to repaint the house – usually between $1,710 and $4,002, depending on your location and the exterior’s condition – repainting the outside is better than other home improvement projects you may be thinking of doing.

Here are a few things to think of when painting your home’s exterior;

I. Paint the property according to the current color trends

Color trends play a huge role in the relative appeal of your home. Even if the home is newly-painted, unattractive colors will not get enough attention from buyers. Do not paint the house according to your color preferences if your goal is to attract buyers’ attention. Learn about the trending color schemes and adapt them for your home’s exterior. That is what buyers expect.

II. Hire a professional painter

You can paint the home yourself but hiring a professional painter is better. A professional painter will do a superior job in a shorter time. You also have the painter’s warranty to fall back on if there is a problem with the paint job. Using a professional painter will save your time, help you avoid the risk of injuries, and ensure that the outcome is top-notch.

III. Make sure you do proper surface preparation

Surface preparation is more important than the actual process of applying a coat of paint to the home’s surface. Proper paint preparation will help rid imperfections on the surface and ensure that the paint adheres well to the surface. You will get better results regarding your home’s appearance and how well the paint protects the surface.

IV. Choose the right paint for each surface

Lastly, the right paint finish makes all the difference. The wrong finish will look off on the surface. It will also not adhere properly; it will be more likely to fail. Most homes have at least two types of materials on their exterior. The greater the number of different materials on the home’s exterior, the more complicated it will be to choose the right paint. That is yet another reason to hire a professional house painter for this job.


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