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Fence Care 101- 7 Stripping & Re-Staining Tricks Used by The Pros!

A well-maintained fence adds curb appeal to your home, helping you feel more at ease with its presence.

Not all property owners have the time or knowledge to keep their fences in top shape. That’s where Triangle Pro Painting comes in!

In this blog post, we will spill all of our secrets! Give your fences a new lease on life with our Tricks for perfect stripping and re-staining for an even more beautiful finish.

Trick #1: Pressure Wash Your Fence with a Cleaner:

You should pressure wash your fence with a cleaner specifically designed for wood. You don’t want to use any old pressure washer because it could damage the wood. Once you’ve pressure washed your fence, you’ll need to let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Trick #2: Remove Old Stains:

Remove old stains with a power washer or a hand-held sander. If you’re using a power washer, use a low-pressure setting so you don’t damage the wood. Once the old stain is removed, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Trick #3: Apply a Stripper to the Wood:

Applying a stripper to the wood is essential as it will help remove any remaining residue and prepare the surface for staining. The instructions are important! Follow them closely and be ready for a great final product.

Trick #4: Apply Wood Bleach:

Another trick is mixing wood bleach and applying it to the wood with a brush or sprayer. You should be careful while mixing the bleach and do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Gloves and a mask will help protect your skin from the harshness of bleach.

Trick #5: New Stain Selection:

There are various stains on the market, so it’s essential to do your research before purchasing. When looking for a product to help with your outdoor projects, talk to someone at the hardware store or read online reviews.

If you are unsure, always test the stain on a small wood area before applying it to the entire surface. Testing will help you avoid surprises and get the perfect finish for your project.

Trick #6: Wood Sanding:

This step is necessary because it will help the new stain adhere to the fence properly. Stripping and re-staining will smooth out any imperfections and give the wood a uniform appearance. Be sure to use fine-grit sandpaper, so you don’t damage the wood.

Trick #7: Apply the Stain:

Once you’ve chosen the perfect stain, it’s time to apply it to your fence. Follow these simple steps to get a perfect coat of paint. Apply with an even hand and use either roller or brush, depending on which one you prefer! If you’re working in direct sunlight, apply a thinner coat to avoid drips and runs.


The contentment you get from a job well done is unparalleled. It’s not an easy task, but your hard work will be rewarded!

There’s no one better to call than Triangle Pro Painting in Holly Springs when it comes to fences. We understand just how necessary it is to get the job done right. There, let us help you out today with a free estimate!


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