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Welcome to Triangle Pro Painting, your go-to solution for all your cabinet painting needs. Our expert team of professional painters takes pride in delivering exceptional results to homeowners in Apex, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

At Triangle Pro Painting, we understand that cabinet painting requires specialized expertise. We have seen many homeowners regret not hiring true cabinet-painting pros from the start. About half of our cabinet customers come to us after another company botched their project. Cabinets with brush marks, tannin bleeds, and paint on hinges end up looking worse than before being painted, leaving unlucky homeowners paying twice for the same project. Don’t be one of them.

Choose cabinet specialists who care about quality and service at every step of the cabinet-painting process. We fully prepare and clean all cabinet surfaces, and we prevent tannin bleeds, stains, or failure to bond by using only quality primers. You will never see drips, splatters, or overspray. Your cabinets will have a smooth finish and be protected against chipping or peeling.

Our specialized expertise and commitment to quality allow us to confidently offer a no-questions-asked guarantee that you’ll love the results for years. With Triangle Pro Painting, you can enjoy your newly painted cabinets and the experience.

We’re very passionate about cabinet painting at Triangle Pro Painting, and we put that passion to good use. We’re determined to deliver professional-looking cabinets, which means no shortcuts. We invest the time necessary to tape and mask all flooring, lights, countertops, backsplashes, and appliances. We even mask walls and ceilings! We remove the hardware, doors, and drawers. Then, we clean, degloss, sand, and caulk as needed. We apply a premium quality primer, which we sand before painting both sides of all doors, drawers, boxes, and openings.

But, we’re still not done. We carefully reinstall hardware, drawers, and doors before removing all tape and masking. Then, we review the job with you before we accept the final payment to make sure you are delighted with your new-looking cabinets. This detailed process ensures you’ll have a beautiful set of cabinets and a stress-free experience.

Our process includes a free, no-obligation estimate, a personal project manager, professional preparation, expert application, and clean-up of your kitchen, bathroom, or any cabinets in need of painting. Along with this, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are not happy until you are happy, and we will make it right if the job is not up to your standards.

Apex, North Carolina, is a beautiful town with a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s. The town’s motto, “The Peak of Good Living,” perfectly captures its spirit. At Triangle Pro Painting, we take pride in serving homeowners in the Apex area and helping them achieve their vision for their homes in this historic and beautiful place.

Choose Triangle Pro Painting for the best cabinet painting ever. Contact us today for a free estimate and experience the difference our specialized expertise can make in your home.

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