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5 Things You Can DIY To Fix Wood Staining Mistakes

Painting or staining your deck and fences can be daunting. You may not be an expert and may not bring about the finish as professional painters do.

Triangle Pro Painting is a trusted interior and exterior painter near Apex. We will tell you about the most common staining mistakes you are likely to make and the fix for each.

Mistake # 1: Not Sanding Before Staining

The finish will be uneven and blotchy if you don’t sand the wood surface before applying a stain. People commit to this error because they think that since the wood is already smooth, there’s no need to sand it further.

Your DIY Solution:

To avoid this, use medium-grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface lightly. Be sure to clean away any dust with a tack cloth before moving on to staining your deck.

Mistake # 2: Not Using a Pre-Stain Conditioner

Pre-stain conditioners help to even out the absorbency of the wood so that the stain can be applied evenly. Without a pre-stain conditioner, you will likely have an uneven finish.

Your DIY Solution:

You can fix this error by following the method of expert exterior painters in Apex: by applying a pre-stain conditioner to the wood with a clean cloth.

Mistake # 3: Applying Stain with a Cloth

When applying a stain with a cloth, you run the risk of leaving behind streaks and brush marks.

Your DIY Solution:

To resolve this, you can use professional painters’ trick and use a foam brush or a roller to apply the stain evenly.

Mistake # 4: Not Allowing the Stain to Dry Completely

If you apply a second coat of stain before the first coat has dried completely, you will have a muddy, uneven finish.

Your DIY Solution:

To fix this problem, allow the first coat of stain to dry completely before applying a second coat. If you need to speed up the process, you can use a hair dryer on low heat.

Mistake 5: Not Sanding Between Coats

The excitement of completing the project may tempt you to skip this vital step. Still, sanding between coats is essential for a smooth, professional-looking finish.

Your DIY Solution:

You must ensure that you’re using fine-grit paper to lightly sand the surface before applying the next coat of stain. And again, wipe off any dust with a clean cloth before proceeding.

Mistake # 5: Applying a Top Coat Too Soon

Applying a top coat before the stain is completely dry can cause the finish to be wrinkled or cloudy.

Your DIY Solution:

You can fix this problem by using a hair dryer set on low heat to speed up the process of drying.


We hope these tips will help you avoid some of the most common wood staining mistakes. You can achieve great results with patience and attention to detail!

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