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Top 5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Painter

One of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home is by painting it. A new coat of paint will brighten up any space, giving it a more contemporary flair that may just be what you need for an aging home.

Although painting is perhaps one of the most common DIY jobs, getting a professional finish is not easy for the average homeowner. Home painting has the power to make or break your home’s saleability, so don’t take it lightly.

Hiring a professional painter is worth it. Not only do they get the job done quickly and efficiently, but the results will also be far superior to what you could have done yourself.

While Triangle Pro Painting is the #1 choice of Raleigh residents, we still want you to know the five essential factors to consider when hiring a painter.

Get Referrals from Your Network

You can find tons of professional painting contractors through an online search. But, your best bet would be the contractors referred by the people you know, like family, colleagues, etc. They are usually more trustworthy than the ones you find online.

Local Trumps the Rest

Hiring a local company is almost always best when looking for a contractor for any work. It means that the company has an understanding of your specific region and what is needed for each job. The local companies also know the local laws and codes while looking for ways to save you money on your project.

Check Customer References & Previous Projects

No amount of interviewing and questioning can give you the clarity that can be achieved by looking at the actual paint jobs performed by a contractor for their previous clients.

While meeting with the contractor, try and gain access to actual sites where they have worked. Don’t take the word of the person you might be talking to, but go and see these projects yourself.

Insurance is A Must & License Desirable

Your painting contractor should have adequate insurance and, if possible, bonding. If they are not insured, then you may end up paying for any accidents. The homeowner’s insurance policy will generally NOT cover the contractor. A liability insurance policy is a must-have for all painting contractors. This policy covers them in case of legal fees, court costs, and fines if they are sued.

Not all states require licensing for painters, so you can disregard it if they check all the other boxes. A licensed painting contractor means that they have passed state competency exams and maintain all professional licenses required by their area of expertise in contracting.

What Type of Warranty Do They Offer?

Find a painting company that offers a decent warranty on the work performed and uses only premium paints like Benjamin Moore (BM), Dunn Edwards (DE), or Sherwin Williams (SW). Ask to see the warranty details in writing. If the warranty only excludes commercial applications and certain brands (which is a red flag), push back and demand coverage.

Raleigh and the Triangle vicinity residents don’t have to think twice when hiring a painter. Triangle Pro Painting provides exemplary services for any paint job, whether residential or commercial.

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