Triangle Pro

Krystal Malpass

Office Manager
Krystal 1814

As the lynchpin of Triangle Pro Painting’s operations, Krystal Malpass brings over a decade of experience and a heaping dose of customer service magic to our office.

Ensuring every customer interaction is handled with exceptional care from the get-go is her superpower! Her laser focus on details, knack for organization, and contagious friendliness make her an invaluable asset – she’s the secret sauce that keeps Triangle Pro Painting’s engine humming!

When not at work, Krystal is a super-mom, cherishing outdoor adventures with her family and cheering on her children at their games. Born and raised in a proud military family, her keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills are a testament to her background.

Krystal’s life motto is beautifully simple: “Nothing changes, if nothing changes”. She’s always ready to be that change when it’s called for!