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Five Easy Home Paint Projects for a Luxurious New Look

Simple things like painting the front doors or window trim can make a huge impact. They say that the small things in life are the most important, and painting is no different. Paint jobs are a simple method of giving your house a fresh look without spending considerable time or financial commitment. All it takes is new paint on your interior door to make a lasting first impression.

There are plenty of little project services available to help you update your home without devoting yourself to a full interior or exterior home paintwork. These few simple tips are small enough to complete in a few days yet noticeable enough to completely transform your house.

Do Some Makeovers to Your Doors

Have you ever driven past a house with a bright red front door that makes you take a second look because the tone is so brilliant and unyielding? Maybe your neighbor’s main door is the ideal jewel-toned ruby, and you’re envying them.

A colored door not only gives a colorful flare to the exterior of your house but also provides a quick charm that will add a piece of eye-catching design with little effort. A new front door can give the perfect bit of flair to even the most unadorned home.

Vibrant colors are an excellent choice for a child’s room or playroom. However, be mindful that door colors do not need to be loud and colorful to make an impression. Even in plain white, a minor refresh can save the day.

Even the color black has come back into fashion. Painting your inside doors a dense black shade is not only elegant but also a simple manner to express yourself. The bold solid hue picks up additional black elements and is ideal for disguising those ugly features that some doors may have.

Give Your Archways a New Look

Archways’ paint is prone to dings and scuffs from normal wear and tear, much like that of any doorway or entrance. People dread painting their archways because they are unsure how to do it. Is it a great idea to paint the archway the same color as the room you’re about to enter? Or the room hue it’s attached to? As you think of it, various alternatives for changing the appearance of your home come to mind, and some of them are as follows:

  • To get a seamless appearance, paint the rooms on each side of the arch with the same color.
  • Pick a different hue for each space to create variety. If you want one color to dominate the area more than another, paint the archway that shade.
  • Paint the arch a unique shade than either of the connected rooms for a more dynamic contrast.

Renew the Walls for a Fresh Update

If your home is looking a bit dull, consider giving the walls a fast revamp. Lighter shades, such as pastels, creams, and whites seem to give the impression of a bigger room and open up the space. Warmer and darker colors should be avoided because they tend to shut in the room.

Here’s how experienced painters refresh interior rooms:

  • Make a striking feature wall or accent to give the room a focal point.
  • To get a neat and polished appearance, paint the inner trim.
  • For more dimension and depth, use a faux paint finish.
  • To give your area a fresh-home feel, repaint the ceilings with a brilliant white tone.

Brighten Up Your Shutters

Take into account painting your shutters to add some genuine aesthetic appeal and brighten up your house exteriors without resorting to a sizable renovation.

While it’s a straightforward process, here are few methods to ensure a clear and excellent result.

  • Wash the shutters. Clean any residual dirt or mildew from the plastics or vinyl shutters to ensure a proper surface before you start to paint. Let them dry naturally after a thorough scrub to guarantee a smooth paint finish.
  • Before painting, ensure the corners are rough enough for a primer and a long and lasting layer of paint.
  • When deciding on the paint type to use, use high-quality exterior paint. This type of paint will be according to the material of the shutters (wood, metal, or vinyl shutters).

For external shutters, you can use semi-gloss paint. This paint will have a suitable amount of toughness and luster to provide you with a simple yet long-lasting paint job.

Your Hallway Deserves a Serious Design Attention

It might be tough to select the best paint colors for hallways and staircases. These are long, tight, and generally shadowy areas. If you’re unsure, a reasonable general guideline is to choose a hue that is complementarity lighter than the adjacent rooms.

Keep the colors within the same group so they complement one another, and a lighter one will help the passages appear wider. If you want to use a heavier hue, paint a single dark color wall at the end. This is only a simple tweak that adds another depth and a centerpiece to a generally modest room.

Triangle Pro Painting – Experts in Home Paint Projects

Revitalizing a space does not have to imply embarking on a large-scale and complex project. Often, simply modifying one tiny room will make a significant difference. With the help of our dependable professionals at Triangle Pro Painting, small, dim areas can appear spacious, while the ordinary can become exciting and novel.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your home paint projects and help you bring your home to have a luxurious look. We are located in Raleigh, NC, so finding us is easy. Get a free estimate today! You may also visit our website for more information about us and our services.


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